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Elevating Growth with Fresh Branding

Elevator Ventures is thrilled to introduce a new dynamic brand identity complete with a fresh homepage! This marks a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting our commitment to innovation and growth.  

  • By Mara Ene

We elevate your growth!

Our brand was initially presented in 2018 when Johann Strobl, the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International, introduced Elevator Ventures at the Pioneers Festival as the leading Corporate Venture Capital growth partner for fintechs in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Since then, our company has experienced exponential growth, boasting 15 investments and celebrating 3 successful exits.   

Central to our new brand is our symbol, a visual representation that encapsulates our forward-looking personality. Our main symbol mirrors the progressive, arrow-like trajectory of our progress, while maintaining a sense of stillness and focus.  

In this exciting rebrand, we've not only upgraded our color palette but also strengthened our brand identity by integrating new geometrical shapes and dynamic illustrations. This modern visual direction mirrors our growth-oriented approach and underscores our unwavering commitment to assisting founders in elevating their companies. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together!

Abstract geometric design with overlapping blue square and yellow circle on a black background