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Revolutionizing eSignatures: A Conversation with Grzegorz Wójcik from Autenti

Autenti, an all-in-one platform, empowers organizations to accelerate their business by offering a seamless process of document workflow, with all types of eSignatures and eID services. Grzegorz Wójcik, Autenti's CEO & co-founder, recently shared valuable insights during the Raiffeisen Bank International Innovation Day, shedding light on the company's evolution, challenges faced, and the key factors behind its success.

  • By Mara Ene

The Evolution of Autenti

Beginning as a platform focused on document approvals and digital contract signing, Autenti has transformed into a comprehensive ecosystem of trusted services. It facilitates businesses in transitioning from traditional paper processes to fully digital innovations.

However, the journey to transforming traditional processes into fully digital ones is not without challenges. Grzegorz identifies getting others on board to embrace change as a significant obstacle. The early days of Autenti were particularly challenging as it introduced a novel concept to the market, emphasizing the benefits of digital document security and the efficiency of online processes compared to traditional paper-based methods.

Driving Autenti's Success

Despite these challenges, Grzegorz finds motivation in the satisfaction of Autenti's customers. Hearing clients say they cannot go back to the old-fashioned methods after adopting Autenti's solutions is a source of immense gratification. The real-world impact of facilitating efficiency and productivity leaps for businesses drives the entire Autenti team.

Continuing to focus on its strengths in the digital ecosystem, Autenti highlights the importance of collaboration with various partners, including both smaller and larger companies. The platform actively engages with competitors and other significant players to offer comprehensive solutions. An example is the introduction of e-delivery systems, showcasing Autenti's commitment to ongoing innovation within the core of digital document workflows.

Innovation & Future Outlook

From overcoming resistance to change to finding motivation in customer satisfaction, Autenti stands as a testament to the power of innovation in streamlining and enhancing business processes. As the platform evolves, embracing new opportunities and collaborations, it remains a beacon for businesses looking to navigate the digital landscape with efficiency and ease.

Listen to the whole conversation with Grzegorz on our You Tube channel: A chat with the founders - Autenti - YouTube

Portrait Thomas Muchar and Grzegorz Wójcik
Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO & co-founder at Autenti & Thomas Muchar, Managing Director at Elevator Ventures