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Maximilian Schausberger

Maximilian Schausberger

Managing Director

Thomas Muchar

Managing Director

Alexander Groll

Alexander Groll

Investment Manager

Yuliya Kvetko

Investment Analyst

Kurt Safrata

Investment Analyst

Benefits with RBI

RBI regards Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, as well as Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market. 13 markets in the region are covered by subsidiary banks, the Group also comprises numerous other financial services providers,
for instance in the field of leasing, asset management, factoring and M&A.

In total, almost 47,000 RBI employees serve 16.7 million customers in more than 2,000 business outlets, the vast majority of which are in CEE. RBI AG shares have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 2005.

14 markets in CEE incl. Austria

16.7 million customers

>30 years of success in CEE

RBI Group covers 14 markets in CEE incl. Austria

  • RBI Group
  • Head office

RBI Group covers 14 markets in CEE incl. Austria

  • RBI Group
  • Head Office

4 reasons why we love CEE


potential customers


GDP market growth in 2017⁽¹⁾


PE & VC investment in 2017⁽²⁾


estimated size of the fintech market⁽³⁾

Our Partners

Fintech Growth Fund Europe GmbH & Co KG (FGFE)  is the dedicated investment vehicle for
later stage fintech
investments which we set up together with our partners:

Speedinvest f
UNIQA Ventures